Sunday, May 18, 2008

Herald Hounderson- Janitor

Hello. I'm Herald Hounderson, the Janitor here at Grand Heights High School. I actually just found out about this controversy with pictures on the internet. Now, I have never heard of this so called MySpace before, but I looked at this website to find out more. Anyways, from what I hear it sounds like the school is taking it very seriously. All I know is that MySpace is for the students to post what they want about themselves and I don't think it is any of the school's business. The students do have their own rights and when the school looks at their MySpaces, well that is an invasion of privacy. Granted, they did put it on the internet for others to see, but that shouldn't matter to the school. The mom that got involved in this needs to mind her own business. I'm sure her child has a MySpace and posts pictures and info on it.
I think that what the students do outside of school is their own business. They do drugs and take provocative pictures at their own risk. They aren't doing any of this on school grounds so it shouldn't involve the school at all.
I know it's been a while since I was in high school, and I have never had a MySpace, but if I were in that situation I would still think that the school board is out of line on this one. If it doesn't concern them or the school then I don't think they should get involved.
There have been quite a few serious situations it sounds like, with suicide, drugs, and provocative photos. But with how popular MySpace is, I think that the students are only going along with the crowd, as usual. The school board doesn't need to get involved in the shouldn't. It violates the students' rights.
Well, that's all I have to say about that. Thanks!


mollym said...

This is J.T, the football captain. At the beginning of the season, we all signed a contract promising not to use alcohol or drugs during the entire season. We agreed to and were completely aware of what would happen to us if we broke these rules. It doesn't matter how they were caught, they still broke the rules and were completely aware of what would happen to them if they did.

HLFlug said...

Like you said, "they did put it on the internet for others to see," therefor they are throwing their privacy right out the window. Even if the students are not acting in these bad behaviors at school, we still care enough about them that we want to keep them away from the harmful activities. Take a look at this website...
So many more students are dieing everyday because of being involved in bad behavior. Here at Grand Heights we care about our school and the community around us. We do not want our students to be involved in this illegal activity and we will do everything that we can to stop it.
-Mr. Man

Laura B said...

I like a lot of the points that you made. I am glad to hear that someone agrees with me, that the administration should mind their own business. I agree with you that they do make choices on their own and that it is at their own risk. I also like the point you made about kids following the crowd. They always have and they always will. Glad to hear that you agree.
--Rudy Burgandy--

Jake S said...

Alright Herald! Finally someone that I can relate to. It is absurd that the school board is going out of their way to get these kids in trouble. I mean back when we were in school we never had to worry about getting in trouble over some dumb stuff like drinking. Yes, the rape and the mary jane selling is quite out of hand, but who honestly thinks that high school kids don't drink? Anyways we should catch up sometime over a brew and a stoagie. Talk to you later Herald.

Love Lloyd

AlyssaV said...


I agree that the school board should keep out of this issue. It’s not their job to regulate the things students do (unless they are under a contract of some type or other). But I agree with you for different reasons. I don’t think privacy is an issue in this case, and I will continue to say it loud. It’s not that the school board has no right going onto the sites kids choose to post information and pictures on. They have as much right as anyone else to look at those things because they are in public places. Teenagers are putting private information online and expecting it to stay private and that’s not how things work. I believe school officials can look at the materials all they want and notify parents and make as big a fuss as they want. However aside for freedom of speech, they should not be allowed to punish non contracted students for their profiles and websites. They are not, in any way an extension of the justice system and should therefore stop trying to act like it is in their job description to punish students for their actions outside of school premises. This doesn’t mean that I do not think people should be punished for their online actions, on the contrary, I think people should be punished for the illegal actions they take. Certainly if they are so open about such things that they can post pictures for friends, family and strangers to see, they should be condemned for what they do. But the law officials should be the ones to punish people, not the school.

I’ll see you later,

Your friend,

Lyla Marx

zoe said...

So you are aware of the amount of teenagers who take myspace way too far and then end up seriously emotionally hurt? I noticed that you did take a look at that one article about it.

Myspace is something not to be overlooked. Also it is a social networking sight completely open to the public. So it is the fault of the chap who published it in the first place.

Here at Grand Heights, we care alot about our students, and we know just how amazing our students are. As school dean of students, I have pledged to keep all of the young men and women safe and sound.

-James Johnson, dean of students

mgartner said...

Herald Hounderson,

It is difficult to get through to students when they are not acceptimg of others ideas and opinions, especially about this current situation. A lot of students do not know that the internet public place. It is the administrations job to make sure that the student body is safe and under control. The kids who created this magazine online were associated with the school at the time. The students need to know the punishments they will receive for this kind of action. By being strict about the punishments now, students will be aware of the consequences and will hopefully be discouraged from making the same mistakes.

Cecile Calibo
Guidance Counselor

Emily_P said...

Dear Herald Hounderson,

Thank you so much for your concern. It's good to know that there are adults in the school that really do care. I just wish that higher administration would do something so we could trust them. I don't mean do the things they are doing now. That's just painful. It's painful to the students and facility. Up security of websites and such, but I'm sure kids will find a way around it. I'm just glad there is someone in this school I can talk to. I recently read this article in the New York Times and thought you might be interested.

I feel that at least with this school, administration is teaching parents and students about the dangers of having on online life and protecting themselves. It's just hard to think that our school won't do the same thing. I feel like they haven't said a word about the issue at hand, as if it were some kind of taboo. Instead they just search us. As if we were human. As if we were too stupid to talk to. I hate that word. Stupid. People use it all the time and I'm sure adults many times refer to us as stupid kids. But you don't. And it's really nice to find someone who doesn't think that really. Thank you Mr. Hounderson. Thank you for being there. Thank you for talking to me. Thank you.

~Isabella Ophoven

Michelle said...

Mr. Hounderson-
I completely agree and when they get caught outside of school they can be punished outside of school. If they get caught in school then be punished in school. Otherwise it is not the school's business. Outside of school leave it for the law enforcement or parents.

April Shauers

Mike B. said...

Mr. Hounder

Since when do students have rights? Come on as a fellow custodian you know they have no rights. And it doesn't matter if the students actions were on school grounds or not. What matters is that they conducted in illegal activities and some even broke contracts that they willingly signed. It is the administrations job to watch out for these kids. If they wouldn't have done anything it would of been like you and me not cleaning the luch tables for months (shouldn't let that happen again).
Thanks and see you on Monday.


Josh R said...

Yes what ever happened to privacy is the question. I couldn't agree more that the school is going out of its way to punish kids. What are they power hungry. I'm not saying I agree with whats on the pictures but the school has to have some kind of limit on what they can search. Ya, it doesn't make sense because schools know that this kind of thing goes on so do they want a majority of their students to be taken out of school for something they already knew was happening. The line most definitely has been crossed.