Monday, May 19, 2008

J.T. "Powerhouse" Cunningham

What's up guys. This is your favorite Grand Heights football captain J.T. This whole issue is very messed up. As you know, my co-captain, or should I say ex co-captain, Dave, was involved in this controversy. I have known Dave since we started playing pee-wee football together in 2nd grade. Dave is an amazing athlete and I really used to respect him. Ever since Dave got football captain and since the beginning of senior year, he has been a completely different guy. He started drinking, going to parties, and treating his girlfriend with zero respect. He even has this picture of her on his gym locker that all the guys used to sneak peeks at. I really saw all of this effecting his game out on the field. I tried talking to him but he wouldn't listen to me. I should have told someone, but I wasn't about to rat out my bro. Someone needed to find out and I'm glad that they learned about his behaviors through MySpace. I feel bad for what happened to him, but he completely had it coming. Dave was beginning to spiral out of control. If he wasn't caught now, he would have been caught once he reached college. Dave needed a wake up call and this was the perfect thing. Now that he has had his scholarship revoked and has been red shirted, he can realize the consequences of his actions and how he needs to change. Though he made it through the whole season without being caught, our whole team knew and he lost a lot of respect for that. As far as I know, our football team is 100% sober during the season. It's not fair to the people who train so hard and stay clean to be benched and watch their partying, irresponsible teammate be on the starting line up.

Everyone needs to realize that there are consequences for your actions. Just because they didn't happen at school doesn't mean that they didn't happen. It doesn't matter how they are caught, they can't deny that they didn't break the rules. It is better that Dave and everyone else was caught because it was a real eye opener to them and could have been a life saver. This will also help Dave become a better person and learn how to treat women better. Recently, Star Tribune reporter Kevin Giles reported about an equally disgusting issue.

I hope that this situation helps everyone realize that they need to be careful in what they do inside and outside of school.



zoe said...


I applaud you for standing out on this issue. You are an important leader in the student body and it is important for your peers to know who does and who doesn't do these horrible acts.
I think that it might be a good idea that you make a public statement to your team about your pledge to not drink and such. Would you be willing to do that?
I am just afraid of more of our fine GHHS students getting in trouble. I see horrible things happening like in this new york high school. I think the best way for our school to get over this bad time is for our student leaders to set examples.

-Mr.James Johnson

Jeff T said...

you really know what you are talking about on this topic i just wish you would have came and talked to me about we could have figured something out together, before it got out of hand like it it. I am glad to have you as my captain of my team but you need to know what he did was wrong and it seems like you. I want you to come talk to me every Monday before school and tell me what happened the past weekend i really need your help on keeping our team under control with this whole issue we need to stick together and we will be fine. Dave is a wonderful person with some help we will be able to get him back on his feet again. maybe be able to have him back on the field come playoff time.
coach kell

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

JTP, what's up man. This whole thing is really messed up. I don't agree with you when you say that you are happy that Dave got suspended from football. Our team really needs him back soon or we don't stand a chance against Lakeview. It really shouldn't be the school administration's business what people do outside of school. No one looks into their private lives so they have no reason to look into ours. Anyways, you should look for me on those quick slant routes this friday, their corners are weak.
-Joe Hyland

E.Holmquist said...


I didn't know that any football player might have the opinion that you do. I think that's great! I guess I may have stereotyped you with all the other partying football players. I definitely agree that there are consequences for any actions. The students at school should not have posted those things if they didn't want to get in trouble. I am curious to see if you think that the punishment was too harsh or just right. I personally don't feel that searching through belongings was neccessary. I'm glad that you can see that something good may be coming out of this. They are able to get help after the incident which is good. I can tell that you are looking out for the team and everyone else.

-Valerie Smith

Laura B said...

I really respect your views, it takes a strong person to say something like that about their friend. I think that you have the right about how if people are messing up their lives, they should learn a lesson. I think that they should have been caught and punished in a different way though. I think that they should be punished by the authorities and not from the school administration. It was interesting to hear your view points though.
Ruth Burgandy