Sunday, May 18, 2008

Edna Quiggle

As a lunch lady at Grand Heights High School, I would like to start out by saying that it is my duty as a lunch lady to make sure kiddies make healthy choices. I believe this recent MySpace scandal brings great disgrace to the student body and therefore a very poor choice made by one of our former students. Although people have a right to freedom of press, these kids have gone too far. Anything that is publicly published for millions to see is subject to inspection by administration. These photos promote drug use and even display nudity. All of those things, especially drug use, are banned in school as well as in the community. Heck, if kids are drinking that alcohol these days they might as well be eating ten snicker bars-very unhealthy. Goodness, in my day we would never eat those blasted things.

The Grand Heights faculty has taken the proper procedures in assuring the student responsible for the MySpace scandal is punished. These photos and commentaries are a great offense for many students and numerous other people, including me. I saw this sweet boy who always says 'thank you' in the lunch line just baring is hiney to the world. Repulsive! The recent events have also upset many students. I can tell because the children haven't been eating their vegetables as they use to. Now that says something. I also believe that anything that is out for the public to see is up for scrutiny by peers, school, and the workplace. MySpace is definitely not a place for drug promotion and pornographic material since millions can access the page; our students need to recognize that. Now eat your peas.

Edna Quiggle


mgartner said...

Dear Edna,

I'm glad that you feel this way about this Myspace scandal. I'm sorry that you have to deal with rude behavior in the lunchroom. A lot of students are angry over the way the students have been punished, but I agree with you that the school administration has been doing a good job of controlling the situation. The students need to be aware that what they post online is never private and when it reaches the schools radar there will be consequences. You have a great influence on these children's life. You see them everyday and help them to make good choices. I hope the students treat you well.

Cecile Calibo
Guidance Counselor

Laura B said...

Dear Edna,
Hi Edna, its Ruth! Do you remember me? I was once a former gorilla! I can understand how you would be frustrated with students not eating properly. I can see that you are disappointed in some of the children choices, but it is not up to you to decide how they should be punished. I agree that if they do something wrong, it is their fault for posting it online. I do think that they should be carful online, but it is not the adminstrations problem. Yes, it is their kids, but it happens outside of school. We all make mistakes, you hopefully remember what it was like to be that age.
--Ruth Burgandy--

Jake S said...

Dear Edna,

I am quite confused with your opinion on the choices that the students have made. I feel like you care more about the lunch that what is actually happening to our students. Being that neither of us are teachers, but we work for the school and we know what goes on. Can you honestly say you have never drank alcohol underage? Kids are going to continue to do this in the future, and post pictures online, the staff at the school should not be getting themselves involved if it does not occur or affect anyone at school. I thank you for listening, and hopefully you kind of understand where I am coming from. Keep serving up those yummie meals!

Love Lloyd

zoe said...


Your ever lasting passion for our students in our lunchroom is much appreciated. The kids need someone like you to count on. Also I thank you for your support, seeing as I am administration. We are doing our best to protect our young ones.

James Johnson, dean of students

Jeff T said...

you sound like a smart old braud that has been around the block or two you need to keep making these kids some healthy lunches and remind them everyday that they need to do
Coach kell

ABarmore said...

The reason I teach, is so these stupid kids get smarter. The kids are not necessarily stupid in the classroom, but they do not have common sense smarts aka Street Smarts. I think I will make the decision on when I retire or not. I am in the best shape I have ever been in, and my body feels great. My body will tell me when it is time to retire, and it is not time yet!
Ty Longby


Brandon K. said...

Hey edna, I love your veggies. However I completely disagree with your views. You think that students should be punished for things posted on their myspace. I think they should not be punished, just because it is their own life, and it is the parents responsibility to punish their students. Did you even stop to think that other people put these images of other people? This victimizes students, so now that people have pictures that can get kids introuble, they can start to blackmail students.

Mike B. said...

Dear, Edna

I may be a custodian but I know for a fact my floors taste better than your lunch. Sorry, a little too harsh. Anyways thank you for agreeing with my side of this issue. You are right I shouldn't call the kids stupid, but seriously what other words can possibly come to mind? The facts are that there were illegal activities taken place and someone has to be held responsible. Thank you and have a nice day.

Nigel Klaus

Michelle said...

Mrs Quiggle-
The reason the athletes are being punished is because they signed a contract promising they wouldn't consume illegal substances and that they knew they would be punished if they were caught doing so. The other students did not sign a contract like that. They didn't promise the school to stay away from the school so they shouldn't be punished. That is the difference.

April Shauers

Gorman said...

Dear Edna,

You're my favorite lunch lady here at Grand Heights. You should hear all the great things the football players say about you. Your one of the sweetest ladies and I'm sure they'd be embarrassed if you looked at their pages. I'm sure they don't really realize who looks at their pages, and would be a lot more careful about what they post of they knew you looked at them. Just so you know, however, although I don't think it's fair the administration punishes them, I don't condone the activities of my players.

-Coach Reynolds

Josh R said...

I am not going to rip on you at all because you were always a great lunch lady. Every one said the same thing about the Cd but truthfully your argument about personal item is the only one that seems legitimate. "Open for scrutiny by peers," of course but is administration considered one of these peers? I guess that if your actions out side of school can get you punished to the point where you can't go to school, those actions count more. Your always gonna be the best LL