Thursday, May 29, 2008

John Braewood-school nurse

Hello everybody, how are you doing? Hope everybody is in great health. Let's break down this whole privacy Business at Grand Heights High School. Well, lets figure out the logistics and morality of this situation. As school nurse, it is obvious to see that teenagers these days are engaging in drugs and alcohol. These things can be very unsafe, however, it is up to the parents of these children, not the teacher's or administration of the school, to discipline these kids and teach them not to drink or do drugs. It is logical for these teenagers parents to intervene and conduct good, responsible behavior from their children. Don't get me wrong, I was a teenager once, I partied, but it should be the parents who should keep the kids safe and not the school keeping kids safe outside of school. That's why I very much so disagree with the administration from schools looking at pictures of students engaging in illegal actions over the internet. The administration of a school shouldn't be allowed the right to interfere with a student's private life. It shouldn't happen for two separate reasons: One of the reasons is that teenagers shouldn't have to bear the burden of administration breathing down their neck during school and then have their parent's and administration breathing down their neck during their private life. The second reason is because administration looking at pictures of teenagers on the internet violates the 4th amendment which is the right to privacy. School administration should have to have a warrant to look at pictures of students on the internet, which I am sure none of them have. So, in the end, it's healthy for children to have a normal private life away from school administration.


Mike B. said...

Dear, John

I say I must agree with you that it is the parent's responsibility to protect and warn these kids away from drugs and alcohol. But in this case the parents obviously didn't do there job. In that case I feel it was the right thing for the school to step in and act. Somthing had to be done and if the parent's are too lazy to do anything, then who else but the school?

Thanks for your time,
Nigel Klaus

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

We really seem to think alike John. Maybe its because we are in the same business. It is not the school's job to be looking on the internet to find pictures of kids who might have been drinking. If anything, the parents of these kids should be trying to straighten this out and not the administration. Well i guess I'll see yo around town or in the weight room or something. Stay ripped.

-Joe Hyland

Gorman said...

Hey John,

Hope things are well with the health of you and our great students! We should meet up soon and try to start some sort of a committee to ban the administration from looking at these students pages. I mean if all of my athletes are in top shape, none of them getting in trouble with the police, why such a concern? Let the teenagers be, this is all just a part of their development into becoming adults. I'm sure you've been seeing them grow over the years already!

Danny Reynolds
#1 Football Team Woot

E.Holmquist said...

Mr. Braewood,

Hi. I have never met you because frankly I'm a bit intimidated to see you as the school nurse. Anyway about the issue here. I am a bit surprised that as part of the faculty at our school you are not siding with your fellow administration. So i know that the issue was largely blown out of proportion, but the administratin did have the right for two reasons. One is that the information is public not private and it was the students choice to publish those things and deal with the consequences. Secondly the school does have to keep up a reputation. There are a variety of different types of parents who's children attend Grand Heights and the sad thing is some of them don't care enough to punish their children for illegal actions or they don't even know. I think it is hard to trust the parents to keep them in liine when their behavior probably stemmed from their family situation anyway. There are other parents however who are very concerned about who their children are interacting with and learning from at school. I know that if the school had done nothing about this they would have had tons of phone calls from parents wondering how a school where their children are forced to attend can be associated with these certain behaviors. I feel like I am starting to sound like a parent, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say to you. Thanks for taking care of our student bodies health.

Until I'm sick,
Valerie Smith