Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nigel Klaus

Hello everyone its your lovable German Nigel Klaus. If you don't know, and I'm sure you don't I am a member of the custodial team here at Grand Heights. Now in my time at this school there has been some weird conflicts but this "myspace" one tops them all. As bad as picking up after these kids is I'm starting to think that teaching them must be even harder. First time I will ever admit teaching is hard. The reason I say that is that these kids seem to be dumber than a sack of potatoes. I see people arguing on here that the school should not punish these kids for whatever they've done because it wasn't on school grounds. Good riddance, I think the kids should be punished more. Listen, if the school comes across these photos they have to do something. They can't just say oh this lovely student is shown here with a 12 foot beer bong, not our problem it wasn't in Mr. Peterson's government class. I'm also surprised with the arguments that the school is snooping online to find incriminating photos of their students. I guarantee the school was given the photos, I'd be surprised if any of the teachers knew how to work a "myspace", I have 4 myself but that's not the point. I guess my argument falls under the Oregonian's views posted in this story. I agree with this story because it just makes common sense. If your throwing an illegal party with booze and alcohol, why show it to the public? Show it to your close friends who won't tell, don't post pictures on a public website. No matter how you make your site "private", it will not block your pictures from anyone who is determined to see them. Well, argue against me if you like, but I have to warm you I am always right.


LaurenVann said...

Mr. Klaus,

I completely agree with your way of thinking about this MySpace situation. If members of the administration see little Johnny downing a bottle of Jack Daniels, should they just laugh and do nothing about it? Of course not! It is the school's job to promote a healthy environment of students and to punish those who 'proudly' display their illegal weekend activities. However, I really don't like when people call the students stupid. I mean, not all students are stupid. And don't mind me saying, but you're a custodian. Well, see you tomorrow at school.
Edna Quiggle

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Mr. Klaus
I get where you are coming from. You are probably right when you say that kids these days don't get punished enough. Maybe its because we are better than kids were back in the day. I bet you were some LSD taking, pot smoking hippy that lived in a cave in Golden Gate Park. Just because you didn't have facebook back then doesn't mean you have to be so against it now. The bottom line is that what is on facebook is not private but it is our private lives. It should not be looked at by the school.

-Joe Hyland

Gorman said...

Mr. Klaus,

It's nice to hear from the custodial wing of the school, but recheck what you said about our students. Dumber than a sack of potatoes? We take pride in teaching our students, you should see how great the students are in phy ed! Learning how to bench 300 lbs. is quite the accomplishment. Think what you want about the decision to post pictures of the parties, but don't insult our wonderful students!

P.S. We need the locker room cleaned, I pushed a couple students a little too hard today.

-Danny Reynolds

E.Holmquist said...

Mr. Klaus,

Hello there. I would first like to say that I think it is sad that you are generalizing all the students as dumb. I for one think i'm a pretty smart and decent kid, but you have proved in that statement why the administration needs to take action against those pictures. You who work at the school have even given the students a reputation. This reputation is clearly not a positive one, but to the community Grand Heights is thought of in a pretty good light. The administration needs to protect that and make sure that the community is not realizing that these illegal activites are participated in by Grand Heights. ALthough I agree with you I don't like the reason you seem to have. Saying the administration should have done more is clearly just you disliking teenagers or maybe just Grand Heights teenagers. Either way I think that what the administration did was too much and that the reason you want the students to be punished more severly is clearly just because you dislike them.

I hope you don't hate teenagers SO much,
Valerie Smith