Monday, May 19, 2008

Ms. Johnson- High School Counselor

Hello Everyone,  I am Ms. Johnson a counselor at Grand Heights High School. 

After recently finding out about the magazine scandal I was very upset and saddened by what I saw.  This however is not the first time I have heard of students getting in trouble for things on the internet.  You would think they would learn that illegal activity and putting it on the web gives millions of people access to see your page.  To me it seems like what you put on the web you should expect people to see it.  It really blows my mind that kids think they can post this things and get into absolutely no trouble. I think that it is just awful that the school has to be put into a position like this. Its one thing to protect the rights of students and stay out of their lives not during school hours, but when something like this magazine is found its hard not to be concerned.  The fact that a student writes in letters that he is engaging into serious drugs and putting his life into real danger is a big red flag. I think that Grand Heights administration needs to pay close attention to the students currently enrolled and just make sure that the school is a safe and a clean environment.  It was very idiotic for the teens to post nude pictures and talk about illegal substances and I do believe that they should be punished.  I believe the school it taking action and is handling the situation carefully.  If the students don't want the school to get involved in their personal lives then they shouldn't be publicly publishing magazines, representing, and showing off bad and inappropriate things.  I think this will actually be a good eye opener to the rest of the student body at Grand Heights High School.


mgartner said...

Ms. Johnson,

I agree with your position on this issue. The students should know that the internet is not a private place and that what they post can be seen by anyone who goes to their page. I agree that the school is dealing with this very carefully. They need to so that other students know the consequences for posting inappropriate things on the internet. It is really sad to hear about kids at our school that we've been dealing with getting into this sort of trouble.

Cecile Calibo
Guidance Counselor

Jake S said...

Hey there Ms. J. I don't see why you are so sad at what happened. It's not like you thought that kids in high school never drank. It was sad to read about the rape that occurred. But honestly you should not have to punish these kids for some internet bull, that really isn't even a big deal. Ya they shouldn't be doing that, but it's bound to happen when your in high school. Well Ms. J I hope you reconsider the punishment, and I can't wait to see you after school soon! Love Lloyd

Chelseaw said...

Ms Johnson,

I agree with some of what you say. I know that the internet is open to everybody. The students know this too. I remember learning things about being safe on the internet in grade school. But if what the students do does not happen at school then it should not involve the school. What makes them think they need to get involved and punish the kids so severely for it?

-Herald Hounderson

Gorman said...

Dear Ms. Johnson,

You really do great things for the students, your wonderful to have around the school and everyone looks up to you. You've guided many students down the right path towards success. It's fine that you guys look at the students pages and all, but I think you should use it as more of a tool to help out our students for the better. Students want to be able to trust that you guys are trying to help, and by punishing them I don't think that's doing the trick. Try to help them trough talking, not just making things worse for them. Just an idea!

-Coach Reynolds