Monday, May 19, 2008

Jennifer Taylorson- Guidance Counselor

Hello everyone. I am Jennifer Taylorson, a guidance counselor here at Grand Heights High School. I am very disappointed in the students involved in this MySpace incident. Here at Grand Heights we are taking this problem very seriously. The material found on this website was extremely offensive and an embarrassment to the school. The students involved have been identified and are being punished accordingly. They have done wrong and should be punished for their actions no matter when they happened. As a school official it is our job to insure a safe and productive learning environment for the students at this school, and reading articles about drug dealing, marijuana, and sodomy by involving students from Grand Heights is very disturbing. We need to be firm on our punishments making students aware that this kind of behavior is not okay. We are looking into a rape accusation made in a letter found in a freshman's locker. This proves that the search of students thought to be involved in this MySpace issue was a good decision on the school's part. Rape is a serious issue and we are looking more into these allegations. At this school we will do everything we can to make sure we are providing the safest learning environment for our students and will go to great lengths to ensure it remains this way.


ABarmore said...


You sound like a great guidance counselor. I completely agree with all of your statements. The kids don't realize how offensive these pictures are to everyone. The pictures are ruining the kids life, and ruining the life of the school name itself. All of the students before them worked hard to earn a name for the Grand Heights High and the stupid kids today ruined that. The school will forever be known as that school that got into trouble. Keep up the good work Jennifer!

Ty Longby

Jake S said...

Hello Jennifer. I'm Lloyd the bus driver here at Grand Heights. I feel your pain, about the situation that these students were involverd in. But I feel that you being a guidance counselor should be able to understand that students to make mistakes, and that they should not have to be judged by one of their dumb actions. I think the school board should for sure lighten up on the students, and also lighten up on the constant watching over students outside of school. Hope you are able to see my side of the story. Toodles!

Jeff T said...

I feel you on this topic our kids need to know right from wrong we do know kids make mistakes mr. bus driver ha. and how shouldn't they be judged by there actions they need to know what they did was wrong get they're life back on track and look to the future and try and put all of this behind them.
Coach Kell

ABarmore said...

Yo Jen Jen,

I know these kids are a shame to our school. If only the kids realized the opportunity that they are presented by attending this school. We have a top 3 school in the whole nation and the kids just ruin it by doing what they please. You should try and hold a school assembly and force the students to realize this.

Ty Longby

Michelle said...

Mrs. Taylorson-
Unless the activity was going on at school, you have no right to punish them at school. I understand you want to keep the environment safe and you can do so at school but what the kids do outside of the school doesn't always effect you. It can if it is brought to school but otherwise no. I think you guys need to relax some and trust that parents are doing their job. School should only do so much.

April Shauers

Gorman said...

Dear Jennifer,

It is a big disappointment, and also embarrassment to all of the staff here at Grand Heights. I've talked to the other counselors here and have just given them a couple ideas to consider. I think that the administration should consider trying to talk to the students and provide help, more than just punishing them. From what I've heard, usually the students just get the scolding and then serve their punishment. That just teaches them to hate the staff here, and I truly think that if we tried to provide help to them it may be more beneficial in the long run.

-Coach Reynolds

Laura B said...

It sounds like the first thing you are worried about is the schools reputation. Your fist priority as a guidance counselor is be the safety of the kids, in school. I don't think that you are right in the idea of 'punished accordingly' if the students were being 'punished accordingly' wouldn't you think that it would be up to the authorities, the police? The events did not take place in school and they should not be punished by the school. The things they did weren't right, but its not your job to go through the internet to see what kids are doing in their time out of Grand Heights.
"As a school official it is our job to insure a safe and productive learning environment" sound familiar? You said this and you can provide a safe learning environment without invading the privacy of children outside of school and you do that by not looking at what they are doing online.
Rudy Burgandy