Monday, May 19, 2008

Joe Hyland

Hi I'm Joe Hyland. I am a senior at Grand Heights High School. I am on the football and basketball teams. I think that is is crazy that students can get in trouble with the school for what they have on the internet. It is not the school's job to go online and look through the internet at students' private lives and punish them for it. The school can not prove that you were drinking alcohol just because you have a picture on Facebook of you with a red cup in your hands. I have such a strong opinion on this issue because the best player on out football team was suspended for two weeks for having pictures of himself drinking on Facebook. This suspension hurt our team badly and we lost one of the games that he didn't take part in. This ruined our chances of being the first seed in the section. There is also a kid on my football team that posted naked pictures of his girlfriend on Facebook. He was punished by the school for this. I don't think it is okay for the school to punish him. I do think that his girlfriend should have slapped him pretty hard and broken up with him. I also heard that some parents in Oregon got in trouble for being in pictures on Facebook that showed minors drinking in them. "They're going to find it," one of the parents said about alcohol, "They're going to go elsewhere." I think these parents are right. They probably were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got in a picture. I really don't think it is ok for the school to get involved with the private lives of students, especially pictures on the internet. If kids are not caught in the act, they should not be able to be punished.


zoe said...

I beg to differ when you say that the school cannot dabble in the so called "private lives" on the internet. Do you really honestly believe that your so called lives are kept private and away from prying eyes? I don't think so.
Take a look at the following article:

No matter how hard you try and no matter how much you might be ok with what is being posted, its going to come back and figuratively bite you in the behind.

Also take a good look at what these students have posted, provocative photos of them selves, which is a horrible representation of our student body. Also the fact that they are writing that magazine with all students from GHHS is absolutely horrifying.

I would recommend that you take a look at the stories of the students in the article and take a second thought about how online posts might affect your peers.

-Mr.James Johnson Dean of Students

Jake S said...

Hell yeah! Joe I couldn't agree more. it is absolutely crazy how kids are held liable for something that doesn't even happen in school. I can definitely see why the rape thing got brought up, and why kids were punished, but who's business is it to go snooping through some kids journal? I say they leave the kids that were drinking alone, it's not like they never did it when they were that age. But whatever if the school wants to be like that, I guess we have to let them. Well I'll see your big sexy bum on the bus ride home. Love Lloyd.

ABarmore said...

Mr Joe Hyland,

You remind me a lot of myself when I was in High School. I was probably twice the athlete you will ever be though. i had the sickest ride.

You should have a strong opinion about this issue. But you are wrong, the kid knew he was doing something wrong and he still chose to do that. he then went on to post it on the internet. Athletes should Not be around alcohol. Read this article then tell me that alcohol is good for the athlete.

If someone has a red cup on facebook, it is most likely goingto be alcohol in that. the school does not get involved until it comes into the hands of the public. Anything posted on the internet is fair game to get the kids in trouble.

HLFlug said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss, however if one of your teammates are involved in this harmful activity then they should not be on the team in the first place. The football team has clearly realized how much this incident has hurt the team. This would not have happened if he just stayed away from substance abuse. Once the MySpace was brought to the schools attention, we had to do something. We are not just going to sit back and watch our students represent Grand Heights in a poor manner.
-Mr. Man

LaurenVann said...

The first question I would like to ask is: have you also been participating in these illegal activities such as drinking and posting pictures online? It sounds like it. Also, I've seen you misbehaving in the lunchroom. You seem like trouble to me. Don't think I don't see you flinging baby carrots at the poor unsuspecting freshmen. I suggest you delete any incriminating pictures on your MySpace or Facebook because I'm going to have the administration watching you, Mister. Have a nice day!
Edna Quiggle

AlyssaV said...

The problem with your argument is that your entire team signed contracts stating that you would not partake in any such harmful activities. You were under contract to be substance free. (I think making pornography should also be included in actions that are against code). So really, I think the school does have a right to punish students who break the contracts. And, as I’m sure people have told you numerous times, items posted on the internet are not private. You express anger at the school for catching your team mates. You should probably redirect that anger towards your friends. If not because they broke contract, for being dumb enough to post proof online and getting caught. This is perhaps the only issue I think school administration should have any control over in light of the subject at hand. Contracts affiliated with sports are the only issue the school should have a hand in punishment for. You should be upset with your team, not angry at the school for forcing them to keep their contracts.

Lyla Marx

Jeff T said...

you are going about this the totally wrong way, I know because the best player on my football team is gone but that was his choice to drink when he know it was wrong. kids don't know right from wrong anymore all they care about is how cool they are including you and if you feel this way about this topic so strongly why did you let our best player go down. the internet is a public place and you know that the students of you school need to be safe and that includes you. and i think that you shouldn't be allowed to play if you feel like this i want you to come talk to me on monday morning about you future on this football team.
Coach Kell

Chelseaw said...


Thank You! I absolutely agree with you! If the kids aren't drinking and doing drugs in school, then it is none of the school's business. What the students do outside of school is their own business. The students have their own rights and by the schools snooping around it is kind of taking those rights away.

-Herald Hounderson

Michelle said...

Mr. Hyland-
I agree with you by saying the school should not get involved with activities outside of school. However with your teamates there is a difference. At the beginning of the year you signed a contract saying you would not consume illegal substances and if you did you understood the consequences. Your teamate should have tought about the consequences before consuming. If he didn't like the consequences then he shouldn't have signed. But he did and he let you down, not the school.

April Shauers

Mike B. said...


You are correct, it is not the schools job to stock kids online. But there job is to watch out for them, and thats exactly what they have done. These consequences will definitly help out these kids in the long run. I am surprised that you are not angry at your teammates for breaking their contracts, and ruining your chance at a memorable season. It seems you should be more angry at them rather than the adminitration.

Nigel Klaus

Gorman said...


How's it going buddy. Big game this week, huh? You better be staying out of trouble I don't want one of my star players getting involved in this whole online scene. Hey, just to let you know I don't support the administrations right to look at your guys' pages anyways. But, in the best interest of you and the rest of the guys on the team you guys shouldn't be putting any pics up of what your doing on the weekends. (You should be following the code of conduct anyways). Keep your head up though, see you at practice Monday.

-Coach Reynolds

Alli L said...

Joe, I'm sorry but what has happened is hard to justify. Illegal activity is illegal activity. It isn't so much where it happened and when but the school can not just come across pictures like this and not do anyting about it. It is wrong and the kids are in fault. Being a guidance counselor I find this whole situation very very sad and disapointing. It is not like the adminstration is out to get students, there here to help and do what is right. Maybe the best player on your football team should not be putting his season and teammates in jeopordy by drinking. Just a thought.

Ms. Johnson

E.Holmquist said...

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