Monday, May 19, 2008

Isabella Ophoven

Identity. That's what it seems like we are all searching for. Acceptance. That's what we all desire. I should know. Skipping a grade has forced me to grow up a tad bit faster and yet still I have just a few close circle of friends. Charlie just happened to be one of them. I'm not going to dodge the issue or the name because everyone around school knows. It was Charlie they took in for questioning. It was Charlie's letters that were taken. They...they just don't understand. They don't know what it's like. Or if they do, they try to prevent us from making the same mistakes. Yet, we need to make those mistakes in order to learn. I'm not saying that I've done something like that because I'm practically the cleanest person in Grand Heights. No, that was my decisions not to do anything like that. But if my friends make that decision, that's there choice. It just means that I'll be there to drive them home and keep them safe. Does that make me a good friend? Perhaps so, perhaps not. But if my friend decides to do something as stupid as posting nude pictures, I'm not going to stop them because it's their choice. I suppose that makes me passive. I suppose that's quite true too. But they are the only friends I've got and advice can only go so far. But that's not what has the school so torn is it now? No, the school has divided us down the has divided me down the middle.
Nude pictures. Yes, nude pictures have caused an uproar in our school. Now the teachers are digging through our lockers and finding our secrets. I wish how I could explain how that feels. Its almost as if someone has strapped you down and forced you to watch them probe your mind for things you don't even know about yourself. I can't say its helping us. Because you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. Like Dave and his girlfriend. Abuse. Everyone knew. Everyone heard about it. Everyone tried to help but she just pushed everyone away. What could we do?
But Charlie? What they did to him, I'll never forgive him for. Why don't you just steal my diary for Christ's sake! After Patrick and Sam left, there was no one for him. So George and I started talking to him and he began to talk back. We are rather alike Charlie and I. He talks about this sort of "participating" that George doesn't really understand. But it makes perfect sense to me. Participating in life instead of looking from outside, in. Yes, I experienced it the first days of high school. George doesn't understand because he has always been popular. But now I am just rambling. I guess this whole thing is one long rant. I haven't really gotten to a point either.
My point and my belief...they are...complex...complicated if you will. I believe that adults should help but they should never invade a person's space. How, one might ask, can they help then? Just by talking. Talking helps. Listening helps. Being there...that helps. High School is the years of mistakes. Its one of the few times we release we can't erase and must take responsibility for our actions. But we don't need the parents and teachers to nose into our lives like some kind of blood hound. It breaks trust. It breaks privacy. It breaks us.
Who can we trust now?

Who can I trust?

~Isabella Ophoven


HLFlug said...

You can trust yourself to make the right decisions and you can trust that you will help your friends do the same. Any administrator here at Grand Heights is here to talk to you. We care about our students and will not simply stand back and watch them make mistakes, hoping that they will learn from them. As adults who understand how difficult high school can be, we also know that there are always ways to stay out of trouble. It is your choice.
You always here about youth deaths occurring at different schools, in different communities, and in different ways. It could happen anywhere without caution. The administration at Grand Heights does not want that sorrow for our school. Mankato is an example of a school that experienced loss. Mankato City Council President Mike Laven said. "Is it a problem for Mankato? It's a problem for every community." You can read more about how underage abuse is an increasing problem from this website...
Isabella, watch out for yourself and your friends. Everyone here cares about you. Do what's right.
-Mr. Man

Chelseaw said...

I agree with most of what you have to say. I remember my high school experience, and it was hard and stressful to deal with. Of course, I didn't have MySpace back then... But I still don't think it is the school's business. Isn't there something like freedom of press or something? It does make people hard to trust. What would the administrators do if things were reversed? If they were in the students shoes...

-Herald Hounderson

Josh R said...

Is it cool if I call you Isa.. good. Yep you just strengthen my thoughts about the lockers. Even if the school has crazy suspicion that there is crazy stuff in a locker and all they find are letters. I agree I was unaware that writing letters was a sin. I feel like you want to start a revolution against the school. Thats probably not a good idea. Kids during my time wanted to do that and it didn't turn out good. Cant you sue them if they take your letters. If it really is your time you should bring the law into it.


Laura B said...

I agree with some of what you said. I think that you are right in that it is not up to the administration to be going through lockers and to be reading letters. I think you are dead on about how it is the kids choice in what they do and don't want to do. I think kids can be advised to not do things, but we know they don't listen. I think you are right in how it should be their own choice.
--Ruth Burgandy--