Monday, May 19, 2008

Chet Ander

Hey, my name is Chet Ander. I am a senior at the high school. I am a manager at Mc.Donalds, and love their food, its all I eat! I am 18, and have longer blonde hair with a great smile ; ) I love to hang around other kids around school.

I think the issue with online privacy is a bunch of crap. Let the kids do there own things in their own time. Also, many o those kids have graduated, so what is the point of bringing this up again. Being online, is just being in your own space. The school isn;t going to suspend you if you walk around naked at your house with other people. The school should be trying to punish other kids, for things they do at school, not punishing people when they are own there own free time. O well, at least I am not involved with the Punk Rocky scandal, but I just have to deal with school making such a big deal out of nothing.


Jake S said...

Chet, I agree with you. It really is their time to be who they would like to be. And if drinking is a part of them, they should not be completely punished for putting pictures up of themselves. The only good thing, that was worth while in those journals was busting the kid for the rape that he committed on that girl. Other than that, Charlie was just explaining his life, and he was doing it in a very unique way that now has been punished. Can't change everyone I guess, have a good one. Lloyd

ABarmore said...


You are right about some things. The school does not want to get involved in the kids lives. I know this because I am a teacher. When one of our students goes and does something stupid on the internet and it becomes public to everyone, it is our responsibility to deal with it. It is a bad reputation on our school. If we didnt have to get involved in the kids personal lives it would be great, because it meant the kids never got into trouble with the law. But, kids are stupid and decide to put things on the internet that should never be seen by school iofficails. Thos photos leak and then they get into trouble.

Ty Longby

LaurenVann said...

I do not agree wit your opinion on teen drinking. I found a statistic that nearly half of all senior students have been drunk at one point or another during their high school career. This news is startling to me.
If you visit the website I posted, you can get these alarming stats. Chet, I don't think you realize the severe consequences of teen drinking. Thousands of young ones your age die each year due to drinking. The only reason people like you are being punished for posting things online is because we are trying to teach you a lesson. We don't want you to get in trouble later in life.
Edna Quiggle

Jeff T said...

I really don't agree with what you are saying at all even though it seems like you really don't have much of a future for yourself anyways working at mcdonalds and all but thats just my opinion. Chet you need to realize what these kids did was wrong and inmoral putting nude pictures on the internet just isn't right let alone drinking and posting it online Charlie is a dumb kid sure he has a lot going for him but he made huge mistake doing what he did you need to figure it out along with everyone else that feels this way.

Chelseaw said...

Hey Chet,
I completely agree with what you have to say about the MySpace scandal. There is a privacy issue here. The kids should just know that the internet is open to anyone, but what they do outside of school is not the school's business.

-Herald Hounderson

Brandon K. said...

Coach Kell, first off I believe that I have a huge future planned for me. First off, if you work at Mc.Donalds you can get huge benifits, like being a salary manager, paid to supervise multiple stores. That means you get a free cell phone with unlimited messages and Text. Plenty of gas money, and bigger salary than any teacher. Also I will save a lot of money, because I will be able to get free food whenever I want, which means I will never ever have to go to the grocery store. What's your future coach? Reprimanding kids for a little drinking. Sounds like a "fun" time. Hey, what's the salary like as a teacher, much less as a bad coach. You can't even keep your kids sober. I know I have always been sober my life, and I am proud of it. Also every one drinks, adults get drunk very often, but where is the problem there. Only a couple drunk drivers. But no one really complains about those now. The only reason there are complaints, is because drinking is illegal when your under 21. We all know that it is illegal, but its not that bad for you. Why doesn't any one see this. Also I don't think you should say anything about my future, when you are just a Grade B coach.

Michelle said...

Mr. Ander-
I am glad you agree. If the athlete signed a contract then they should be punished for breaking it. It is as simple as that. Any contract you sign has consequences for breaking it and those need to be paid. They promised the school to stay drug and alcohol free and they failed to do so and should be punished. Glad to hear you agree.

April Shauers

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Hey man,
You look exactly like this kid I know named Olin Litwin. He lives in Bloomington Minnesota, but instead of going to Jefferson High School, he went to this really pussy private school called Holy Angles. They are terrible at hockey and they recruit, so I don't know why he went there. Anyways, you hit the nail right on the head. The school admistration should not be allowed to seach facebook or myspace for pictures of kids drinking. It's just not right. I appreciate you siding with me. See you around school.
-Joe Hyland

Alli L said...

Chet, I am a guidance counselor at Grand Hieghts and I do not agree with your stance. To this staff this is a big deal. Seeing students engaging in bad activity and then being so dumb as to post it really confuses me. If students dont want to own up to their illegal activty they should atleast know not to post it on the internet. It truly is shame and I am also glad your not involved in the "scandal."

Ms. Johnson

Josh R said...

Nice Pict. You are wise beyond your years. Oh I know the students will be pissed. It could lead to possible suspension/ expulsion which pisses off parents who take it out on their kids. Its a bad circle of anger. I agree with your point that this has been going on for ages. Did the school really think all their students are little angles. No they know what goes on. There was good coming out of the journals though. Getting that kid for raping that girl. So it might piss people off at some points but help others at different spots.


E.Holmquist said...


Hey I don't know if you know me but I am a fellow senior of yours. SO I thought I would maybe disagree with you a little on this one. I also agree that I'm glad I'm not involved in the scandal. I know it's hard as a teenager to try and understand what the administration's position in our school is, and it's even hard for me to know, but as a school the general reputation needs to be unholded and the security and safety of the school needs to be maintained. It is so easy to want to side with the teenagers on this one and I do agree with you that the punishment was too harsh. I think the issue is that the administration is kind of test driving a policy on this issue since it has not been a problem in this way before. I think that with the internet becoming more accessible and used that this may alo be a problem in the future and hopefully then they will adopt a better policy. But I completely agree that the former students should never have been involved since they are in no way connected to the school anymore. I would understand if they were causing immediate danger, but otherwise it was unnecessary. Hopefully college will be better than this.

Good Luck next year,
Valerie Smith