Monday, May 19, 2008

Rudy Burgandy: Former Student and Bartender at a local bar

Hello everyone! My name is Ruth Burgandy. I am a bartender at Shenanigans near Grand Heights High School. My younger sister attends the school and knows some of the kids involved. I currently attend Penn State with a couple recent graduates. I often see students from Grand Heights at Shenanigans. I know that they are under age because their fake id, are so obviously fake but I never turn down business.
Some of my customers have been taking about a myspace privacy controversy and how their out side of school activities are being watched by the school board. I think that it is the students responsibility to not post things on the Internet that they wouldn't want someone from across the country to see. They are also responsible if the authorities from the state catch them doing something that is illegal like taking drugs for example. However, what is a high school administrator doing on myspace? Should he be looking at provocative pictures of kids online? I don't think so. I think that the school board shouldn't be punishing kids for doing something wrong outside of school. If it was in school it would be a different situation.
Here is another point. If school counselors are worried about the kids safety, they shouldn't be punishing the students, but instead be available for help if kids need them. Kids won't open up to a school counselor because they are afraid they will get into trouble. I understand that they want to help the kids, but they are only pushing them away with punishment.
Sometimes my younger sister comes into Shenanigans. I only let her come in when I work so I can keep an eye on. We have a deal that if she ever needs anything she can come get me, but I have to be able to see her. This way she can hang out with her friends and have a good time, I get business from her friends, and I know who she is hanging out with in case I ever need to call. I have heard some of the stuff that went down last year. Some of her peers really need some serious help. Like the kid who is takes LSD and his friend who is an alcoholic. I won't serve drinks to kids who clearly have a problem (my sister tells me who they are). If anyone needs information on where to find help or how to tell if someone needs help this link will hopefully direct you to some answers.
Thanks for listening to what I had to say. Be sure to stop by Shenanigans! Thanks again!


zoe said...
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zoe said...

You are a shame to the Grand Heights alumni, and to the school. And to think that you let your little sister drink underage?! Did you honestly not learn anything while you were at Grand Heights?

As an alumnus, and older sister to a GHHS student, you should be setting an example not helping feed a horrible , and not to mention illegal habit. Please rethink letting these younger kids drink and set an example.

-Mr. James Johnson Dean of Students

HLFlug said...

The administration at Grand Heights does care about their students, that's why we are making punishments. The students need to know that they are doing something wrong. We always provide guidance counselors for students to talk to. There are always different ways to deal with your problems. It is our duty to do something if we see our students involved with illegal activity. Like you said, the second that students put pictures online they are throwing away their privacy. It is true and the administration at Grand Heights will not just sit back and watch it's student participate in illegal activity, we will take action.
-Mr. Man

zoe said...

Dear Ms.Burgandy,

Not necessarily, as some of these pupils are still minors, it is our business. Also since some of this activity is brought to school it most deffinitely becomes our problem.

Fact of the matter is, I care about my students that I see come into our fine Grand Heights building. I hope that these fine young, bright students get the future that they deserve.

So overall, since their parents send their children to our school with trust that they will be safe, it is our duty to punish the wrong-doers and set them straight.

Mr.James Johnson

Chelseaw said...

I completely agree! Why was one of the school's administrators on MySpace? That seems weird to me...
Searching for kids that go to school, trying to get them in trouble? It's really none of his business. He shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place.
P.S. I go to Shenanigans daily!

-Herald Hounderson

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Shenanigans is not a very good resteraunt. You must not get much business after the movie the Waiting came out. That is so gross what they do to the food in that movie. Has anyone pulled the goat in real life? Thats a pretty crozy maneuver. I am going to go ahead and disagree with you when you say that it is ok that students get punished by the school for picures on Facebook or Myspace. It is rediculous that they are trying to punish us for things that don't take place at school. It just isn't right and its not any of their business. I'll probably never see you again because I'm afraid to go to a resteraunt called shenanigans.
-Joe Hyland.

E.Holmquist said...

Rudy Burgandy,

Hi I am a student at Grand Heights and I walk past Shenanigans everyday while i'm on my run. It looks like a fun place to work. Anyway I would just like to talk to you a little about this whole scandal. I think that the administration did have a right to punish the students. Just because you might promote underage drinking doesn't mean the school wants to. They really have a reputation to keep up and I don't believe that the principal Mr. Man was chilling on Myspace one day and found the pictures. I'm sure someone was concerned and gave them to him to deal with. The principal and administration has a duty to promote a positive well being at the school. They want to show the parents that their kids are at a safe and positively impacting student body. I know that it may seem weird that I actually agree with the administration busting kids, but if they want to post those things they need to think about it first. The internet is never private. I hope that none of the kids get caught at your bar they might be expelled.

Valerie Smith

Jason said...

You seem to also be having some privacy issues, as you just stated your name, occupation, location, AND just deliberately confessed to illegally serving minors. Good luck with that.